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Berwick Area Ambulance

2018 North Vine Street
Berwick, PA 18603

The mission of BAA Inc. is to provide a continuum of quality care in a compassionate, collaborative, and cost-effective manner. It is a priority to deliver the very best customer service to our customers. Our human and technical skills are the foundation of the BAA Inc. The balance required to provide all the services our department is committed to delivering is rooted in being well trained and skilled. The value we place on technical and human skills is the same. Membership in BAA Inc. family carries with it a host of responsibilities and expectations. It also carries the awareness and commitment to meeting all of them will ensure the fulfillment of our mission. Our awareness begins with viewing everyone as our customer. It is our job to respond to the needs of our customers. The people who call us with their needs cannot be viewed as interruptions to our work, they are our work! This philosophy will be supported as we develop a simple customer service plan, train all our members/employees on that plan, and then trust and depend upon our members/employees to directly execute the plan properly, whenever opportunity occurs. Nice is the essence of this whole customer service drill. The addition of “Be” makes it an action plan and allows us to take it to the street. This becomes our mission statement in action. Be nice to customers, to each other, and to yourself. This must become the most powerful value we create. At an internal level, it simply means that we treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience, and consideration. Our diversity must continue to be one of our greatest strengths. On the external level we respond quickly, skillfully, and most important positively to every customer need.