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DJ Choices

1329 Churches Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Our Mission: To prepare young people to make positive choices. DJ Choices offers a school assembly program that is designed to engage the students and inspire them to make positive choices when faced with the opportunity to abuse drugs. The show is produced by top-of-the line videography and audio professionals, and begins by engaging the audience with popular music, spectacular lighting effects, and stimulating videos. We educate the students by sharing true stories, graphics, and facts about the dangers and consequences of drug use. In addition, personal testimonials from people recovering with addiction and their families from within the local community are shown in a unique and dramatic format which reinforces the need for students to make positive choices. We also offer communities a unique method for raising awareness about the opioid epidemic. Similar to our engaging and inspiring style of school assemblies, we coordinate events that present stories of addiction, information from local experts, vendor resources for assistance, and resources to aid with prevention. Prevention via education is the key to fighting this epidemic.