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Joseph Priestley Memorial Chapel

380 Front Street
Northumberland, PA 17857

Priestley Chapel Associates is a secular, non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation established in 1977 to care for and manage the Joseph Priestley Memorial Chapel, the beautiful memorial garden and the historic 1811 John Wind organ located in the chapel. This lovely country chapel was built in 1834 by descendants of Joseph Priestley and members of the Unitarian congregation in Northumberland, PA. The chapel is open to the public the first Sunday of each month for a program of words and music, during local historic celebrations and as a component of the “Priestley Pilgrimage” program to bring visitors to Northumberland and the Susquehanna Valley. The chapel is open each year on Christmas Eve for quiet prayer and meditation. The chapel is also rented for weddings, memorial services and other events. This year the Priestley Chapel Associates are kicking off a campaign to raise $5,000 to substantially repair the historic John Wind Organ in Priestley Chapel. Although the organ has been maintained since its last restoration 35 years ago, conservation is now necessary to re-establish its original tuning. Work needed: • repair the 24 wooden pipe tuning stoppers and flap tuners • replace one or more of the wooden pipes, and • reform misshapen metal pipes. The organ was built by John Wind in 1815 and is only one of two known to exist. The organ is a small chamber instrument of one manual and two ranks. It contains a Stopped Diapason 8' and a Principal 4' with a 54 note compass. The lowest notes of the Principal cannot be put off. The organ is in a rectangular mahogany case. There are panels around all sides of the case with cloth to allow for sound egress.