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Newberry Branch of NGA (Needlework Guild of America)

1974 Jacks Hollow Road
Williamsport, PA 17702

For 104 years the Newberry Branch of NGA (Needlework Guild of America) has been answering the call for NEW clothing in our community. Our Branch strives to help disadvantaged children, women and men in the Greater Williamsport Area by offering new clothing,coats,shoes, linens and personal care items to help them become self-sufficient in life. A new outfit or coat encourages a positive outlook on life. It can lead to increased school attendance, greater opportunities for employment and overall well-being. In 2017 we served the needs of more than 675 individually named people, primarily children, and countless others through our bulk distributions of clothing to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. All monies are returned to the community each year in the form of new clothing, coats, shoes, linens and personal care items. Our motto is "New Clothes for New Tomorrows."