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One Dog at a Time ODAAT

225 Meadow Woods Drive
Lewistown, PA 17044

ONE DOG AT A TIME MISSION STATEMENT: One Dog at a Time is a humane rescue group dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals. We help dogs and other animals in need, assisting and providing resources to law enforcement, educating the general public about health and welfare issues in order to promote responsible pet ownership, and helping owners maintain their responsibility with assistance when necessary. One Dog at a Time will operate within the legal guidelines of all laws and work in conjunction with all law enforcement and humane enforcement personnel. One Dog at a Time depends on educated, outgoing and active volunteers who will also adhere to the legalities of the group and with a combined group effort we will be able to save animals and place them in forever loving homes. Together, we can make a difference…. One Dog at a Time. Humane Law is a part of the PA Crimes code, which is enforceable by the police. Unfortunately, the majority of our state does not train, provide tools or resources to our police departments. We attempt to assist the departments by providing a plan and resources for them to follow thru to charge and prosecute perpetrators for abusing and neglecting animals.